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Yassin Hall - Let’s Journey into Fashion

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Monday, September 23, 2013 | 10:10 PM

Yassin Hall is the owner of an online women’s boutique called Let’s Journey into Fashion, who was born and raised in Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands. She is a divorced mom of four children, who balance working and attending college brought to start a successful business.

Yassin graduated with four degrees in Travel Tourism Management, Computer Science, Fashion Design and Business Management, and in 2011 she ventured into selling women's apparel and established “Let’s Journey into Fashion, LLC”, an on-line retail store which features many of my own personal designs.

She recently spent time in Nashville Tennessee where she  had the pleasure of styling Cyrene Tankard on the red carpet for their premier viewing of their new reality show Thicker than Water that airs on Bravo TV on  Sundays at 9pm est.  


 Get to know Yassin Hall and experience her journey

Please, tell us the story behind Montage. How did all start?

I believe that Let’s Journey into Fashion was my destiny, as well as the answer to my prayers. After my divorce in 2009, I became a single mom with two special needs children. I spent time researching Florida schools and made the decision to move to Orlando because I felt the school district was a better fit for my children’s needs. I was already a stay at home mom who worked in the real estate industry renting luxury condos. I have always enjoyed wearing high fashion clothing. However, as a single mom, I was on a strict budget and found that these clothes came with high price tags.

The turning point came when I needed an outfit to wear to an event. After spending the day at the mall searching for an outfit, I ended up purchasing a blouse with the hefty price tag of $90. It really bothered me to spend that much money on myself for a blouse that I only needed to wear one evening.  My inner entrepreneur decided to search the internet for the label, and by a miracle I was able to find the manufacturer of the exact same shirt. They were selling a pack of six shirts for the $90 I spent on one shirt. I promptly returned the shirt to the store and purchased the pack of shirts. Feeling very proud of myself, I wore the shirt to the function, took pictures of myself modeling it, and posted them to Facebook so my friends and family could see it. The positive response was overwhelming and they wanted to know where they could purchase the shirt. I proudly informed them that I had extras. Thus began my new journey. 

Do you have a background in retail or sales?

While I was attending college at the age of 19, I worked as a store manager of Lerner’s.  I also possess four years of sales experience as a real estate broker.   

What was the biggest challenge you encountered in getting your business off the ground?

While I tend to look at challenges as learning opportunities, the biggest challenge I’ve encountered while launching the business was being able to balance my role as mom, CEO, and all other responsibilities of the company. I am solely was responsible for marketing, acquiring merchandise, packing ,shipping, and ensuring not just good but “great” customer service.

You are a divorce single mother of four. What do you struggle with most as a mom and business owner?

My greatest struggle is balancing my children’s dreams with those of my own. Also, finding time to have a social life or time for myself is very challenging. I am the mother of a very bright teenaged son who is involved in various after school programs. Additionally, my daughter dreams of a career in New York on Broadway. She attends classes 5-7 days per week for several hours per day. She also participates in competitions and performances which can often conflict with my work schedule. My daughter’s dance classes and my company are two of the biggest commitments in my life.  Thankfully, I have a hard working and loyal staff who work for the company. They also assist me in juggling my responsibilities as a mom and CEO.

Black Sexy Glam Lace Long Maxi Dress

How did you select the lines that you carry? How often do you consider adding new lines?

I must admit that I am a fashion stalker. I follow almost all of the fashion blogs, websites, and fashion magazines out there staying up with the latest trends. Fashion has been my passion since I was 12 years old, owning my own label and boutique store has always been my dream.  I am always looking for new lines to carry, fashion never gets old and trends are being made daily.

What is your favorite part of owning a business?

For me Let’s Journey into Fashion is not a business a way of life,  it is our life journey for my Public Relations Manager Contrell Fowler, Operations Manager Zaimah Sahbazz, Photographer & Graphics Artist Cuemadi White, Customer Service Rep Danica Lewis, my customers and myself this is all of our lives. We all enjoy being able to motivate & inspire each other, we love coming to work.  Looking for products that our customers will enjoy brings us happiness.  This is our Journey of Life together.  For myself the best part is receiving a phone call, text or email from a women whom I have never met that is having a hard time coping and faith leads her to call me, I am grateful that I am able to get her through that hurdle, let her know it’s ok. 

What is your least favorite part of owning a business?

My least favorite part of owning not just a business but a fashion business is maintaining affordable high fashion clothing.  In today’s society it is my opinion that we have two types of shoppers: shoppers that believe that the more expensive the item the better quality of the clothing, then we have the shoppers that want quality for next to nothing.  At Let’s Journey into Fashion we have great quality affordable high fashion.  Shoppers see a dress for $20 - $30 and think that it’s cheaply made. Convincing those shoppers to purchase takes trust and communication.  I pride myself and my company having not great but the best communication with my customers as best as I can. 

What are your best sellers?

All of our items are best sellers as we update our items weekly to keep up with the latest trends.

Miss Red White & Blue

Who is your typical customer?

We actually have two types of typical customers: college young woman on a tight budget & the single mom on a budget.

Prom Fuchsia One Shoulder Dazzle

What sets your boutique apart from the others?

What sets Let’s Journey into Fashion apart from the others is that the company main focus is inspiring and motivation today’s women.  We firmly believe that if you are not feeling good inside about yourself first no matter what item you wear will build your self esteem.  In order to look good you must feel good first.  On most of my social networks I open the online store with a motivation quote every day. Let’s Journey into Fashion is not just a company, my staff, my customers and myself are A FAMILY.  The 2nd aspect that sets us apart is our affordable prices for high fashion clothing.

Do you have any plans on opening up a physical location?

In the near future I would like to open a boutique that is of no other I have seen thus far; I have an idea but haven’t focus on the dynamics of it as yet.

What plans do you have for your business in the near future?

Once the business has grown to a point that has met my goals for the company, I do plan to do more public speaking to today’s young women to building better, stronger women of tomorrow.

What advice do you give to anyone who wants to start their own online business?

My advice would be as follows:

·        You must have faith in God

·        You must believe in yourself, believe that through every obstacle you WILL succeed and failure is NOT an option

·        Having a degree in business is important and necessary

·        Having great customer service is critical & sincerely knowing your customers are important and are more than just customers they are a part of your business, they are the business.

·        You must have a loyal trust worthy and dependable staff that are not just working for a paycheck but for the love of the company

·        Do you research & ask questions

·        Get to know your target market

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